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Sexo drogo y rock y rollo. Graffiti seen on a wall in the harbour of Oporto where the yacht I was on was tied up. I knew I was going to have fun then. Later, on the same cat I sailed the Atlantic and ended up, via the Amazon, on a small island where I had variously, an art shop,  a boutique, a bar and now a bookshop.  Books are no longer a viable business. What next?  Any ideas?

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This is my comment on the issue. AmandaWelling's rebog starts from *** This is very worrying. Someone 'anonymous' is collecting real life names and addresses through GoodReads, but they don't want anyone to know who they are. Another author wants to have this information - for what if it isn't for stalking?  


I'm not really involved in the reviews/comments/spa authors thing as I don't read in any of their genres, but all this tracking of people is worrying. It's worrying because if 'anonymous' (what a coward eh? At least the other author has the courage of his convictions and uses his name) can track people and their friends, what about all sorts of other crazies, maybe targetting the kids with the private profiles sending away for stuff?  


This is seriously Not Good.






...I'm not surprised by this anymore. 

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