Petra X

Sexo drogo y rock y rollo. Graffiti seen on a wall in the harbour of Oporto where the yacht I was on was tied up. I knew I was going to have fun then. Later, on the same cat I sailed the Atlantic and ended up, via the Amazon, on a small island where I had variously, an art shop,  a boutique, a bar and now a bookshop.  Books are no longer a viable business. What next?  Any ideas?


A new booksite, new new new, Leafmarks. It looks a lot like Goodreads in its clean presentation. As it was started by two GR people, I have high hopes for it.  I've just uploaded my csv from GR to contribute some data.


I like BookLikes, I love being able to blog, but there really isn't any useful book data here for me. I don't even bother to look for books and reviews here because it is so hard to find anything and then you never find much. Until there are book pages that collect all reviews of a book together, rather than book pages categorised by seller, the book side of BookLikes isn't going to work for me and I will have to continue using Goodreads.


So I'm looking forward to this new site a lot. Monogamy of booksites is not required so it may end up that I use one, two or even three sites, probably with an overlap of friends on each site, which will make it more seamless than if it was always a set of new and different people, to fulfil my book reviewing, cataloging and blogging needs.


Anyway, Good Luck to Leafmarks and thanks to Jacqui and Emily May for founding it.

Currently Reading

A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal
I've just watched a documentary of Philby. Much is made of his glamorous life among, as the title puts it, "friends" and two things strike me: 1. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Same people who went to the same schools still ...
Notes of an Anatomist
Very excited to read this. The first chapter is on Embalming. "Among the ancient Egyptians, embalming was but one aspect of a life oversaturated with things spiritual and preoccupied with the possible fate of the soul after the body ...